Regal Lion Frosted Pint Glass 16oz – Majestic Matte Finish Drinkware with High-Resolution Iron Cross Emblem


Elevate your drinking experience with our 16oz frosted pint glass, featuring a stately lion head and iron cross design. This dishwasher-safe, matte-finish glass adds a touch of majesty to any beverage, perfect for personal use or as upscale drinkware for businesses.

Upgrade your drinking experience to new heights with our exclusive 16oz frosted pint glass. Designed with a captivating combination of a regal lion head and an elegant iron cross, this glass exudes an aura of sophistication and grandeur. Crafted to perfection, our glass boasts a dishwasher-safe feature, ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance.

The matte-finish of our pint glass not only adds a touch of modernity and refinement but also enhances the grip, offering a comfortable and secure hold. Whether you are enjoying a refreshing beer, a crisp cocktail, or any other beverage of your choice, our frosted pint glass will elevate the presentation and make every sip an indulgent experience.

Not limited to personal use, our pint glass serves as the epitome of upscale drinkware for businesses. Elevate your establishment’s ambiance by serving your valued customers with the utmost style and sophistication. The majestic lion head and iron cross design will leave an unforgettable impression, setting your business apart from the competition.

Indulge in the majesty and elegance of our 16oz frosted pint glass, a must-have addition to any collection. Perfect for personal use or as a statement piece in your business, this glass will transform an ordinary beverage into an extraordinary sensory experience. Elevate your drinking experience and embrace the touch of luxury with our unparalleled frosted pint glass.

Regal Lion Frosted Pint Glass – Medieval Art Drinkware for Beers, Meads, and Refreshing Drinks

Discover the epitome of elegance with our Regal Lion Frosted Pint Glass – Medieval Design Frosted Pint Glass for Beers, Meads, and other refreshing drinks. Crafted from 100% glass with a sophisticated matte frost finish, this 16oz pint glass combines durability with regal design. The semi-translucent print showcases a magnificent lion head, symbolizing strength and nobility, accented by a timeless iron cross motif. Ideal for a refined beverage experience, this glass is a standout piece that promises to elevate your home bar or hospitality setting. With its dishwasher-safe convenience and high-resolution, semi-translucent artwork, this frosted pint glass is both practical and stylish. Sourced with care, this blank product from China is transformed into a piece of art that exudes a serene, frosted appeal in any light.

  • 100% glass with a chic, matte frost finish.
  • Standard 16oz size, perfect for various beverages.
  • Regal lion and iron cross design for a noble aesthetic.
  • High-resolution, semi-translucent artwork enhances visual appeal.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.
  • Ideal for personalization or custom bulk orders for hospitality use.
  • A distinguished addition to any drinkware collection.
Diameter, in 3.46
Height, in 5.75


Our exquisite Regal Lion Frosted Pint Glass is the pinnacle of premium frosted glass craftsmanship, perfect for those seeking a personalized pint glass with an emblematic lion head glass design. This 16oz drinkware is ideal for anyone who appreciates regal barware with a matte finish glassware look. The high-resolution print glass ensures that the intricate iron cross pint motif stands out, making it a coveted item for custom drinkware bulk orders, especially within the hospitality glassware sector. Its dishwasher safe pint feature adds a practical edge to its sophisticated appearance.

List of Occasions:

  • Medieval-themed parties or events
  • Fantasy book or film release parties
  • Game of Thrones viewing parties
  • Christian holidays and celebrations like Christmas or Easter
  • Renaissance fairs
  • Wedding gifts for history or fantasy enthusiasts
  • Housewarming gifts for those who appreciate medieval aesthetics
  • Birthday gifts for fans of heraldry and chivalry
  • Father’s Day for dads who are fans of epic fantasies or medieval history
  • Hosting events at historical venues or traditional pubs
  • Corporate gifts for companies with lion emblems
  • Awards or prizes at historical or fantasy gaming tournaments
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